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How Did Bridge Barn Get Its Name?

In the community of Greendale B.C. is a farmstead that once belonged to an elderly Mennonite couple.  This kind and loving couple welcomed children from all over the neighborhood to come, visit, eat and explore their many acres of property.  Although the children were from many different faith and economic backgrounds, they were encouraged to explore the barn and fields, fish off the bridge and eat the wild blackberries - all in an environment of fresh country air.  The children observed the elderly couple go about their regular activities of working in the barn, raking the lawn, baking fresh bread and harvesting the fruits and vegetables.  There would be conversations with the elderly couple and the children learned how to do new things and they also learned how the couple overcame adversities such a flood that destroyed their home.  The children learned much from these elders and likely the elders gained as much from the children’s visits.  This place, “Bridge Barn”, embodies many of the pieces and parts that make up a healthy community. 


The founder of Bridge Barn was one of the community children who had the privilege of trekking across a tall grass hay field in hopes of finding warm buns to be eaten and fish to be caught at Bridge Barn.  Technically Bridge Barn is a physical place, but it really represents a coming together of the many elements of a healthy physical environment and a supportive community that promotes health and well-being.

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